King & Queen Campaign

This year Decatur Celebration launches a King and Queen Campaign which consists of 5 men and 5 women utilizing their individual resources and creativity to raise funds towards their campaign to become King and Queen of the festival. The man and woman who raises the most funds will be crowned and become instant festival VIPs.We have a fun and creative group of royal contestants. Make sure to follow and support their campaigns.
Allison Mowry | Karalee Misner | Misty Lee | Shannon Mason-Cunningham | Suzannah Rotz
Terrence Taylor | Jeff Ludwick | Jeff Rounds | Jonathan Downing | Patrick Hoban

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Allison Mowry
Cake Decorator
Mowry Bakery

I am 21 years old and the daughter of Holly & Eric Mowry.  I recently graduated from Millikin University, completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication in just three years.  I am the cake decorator at Mowry Baking Company, where I operate the company with my sister, Megan; all under the watchful eye of our Mother, Holly.

I served as the 2012 Miss Macon County Fair Queen and represented Macon County at the Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant, where I placed top 15 out of 72 ladies. I am a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority and was recently initiated into the National Association of Professional Women.

I have a culinary degree from the Art Institute of Chicago’s Pastry Program as well as Master Decorator certification from Wilton Institute. I was recently named one of Central Illinois “20 Under 40”.

I plan on making Central Illinois my home, where Megan and I will continue to make Decatur a sweeter place, one cupcake at a time.

Karalee Misner
Business Development Manager
Land of Lincoln Credit Union

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I’m a proud wife to a lucky guy named Jimmy and mommy to my mini-me, Joceyln (2 years) and bonus mom of Jaidyn (8 Years).

I love the Decatur Celebration because it gives families and friends a reason to get together and have a good time. It brings people back from far-away places and forces us to actually be social with all our virtual friends and followers!

I believe I should be crowned queen of the Celebration because I actually want to see the Celebration succeed. I believe in the organization and rally my troops to support it each and every year. From my days of riding rides at the carnival to making sticky lemon shake-ups as a fundraiser for MTZ Swingsations to seeing Edgar Winter live with my dad on a steaming hot afternoon, I have so many memories centered around the Celebration that it really is important to me to see it grow.

Misty Lee
Mortgage Loan Originator
Hickory Point Bank & Trust

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I work for Hickory Point Bank & Trust as their Mortgage Loan Originator. I am also a mother of two; Marlin 8 and Decklan 12, and the oldest sibling of four brothers. I’m was born and raised in Decatur and have been attending the Celebration for as long as I can remember. The Decatur Celebration is the one event in Decatur where I am guaranteed to see friends and family that I haven’t seen in a long time.

I love to see the community invest in an event that helps thousands of people. I think that I would be the best Queen for the Decatur Celebration because I feel a Queen shows leadership and community involvement and outreach all year long. A Queen should set a presence in a community where everyone would like to follow.

Shannon Mason-Cunningham
Morning Show Co-Host

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I am Hyper, Fun loving, I love bleach and I think I am addicted to my phone,  Facebook, Twitter…well ,maybe ANY social media! I have always lived in Central Illinois, graduated from Mt. Zion High School and I really am one of those people that “like it here”, Where you live is what YOU make it, I love my family…my husband Rich and our kids, taking pictures (maybe you noticed my 15,000 plus photos on facebook) hanging out with friends, watching a good movie, music, wine and THE INTERNET. Music makes my world go round. I believe your actions should inspire others every day, I love my job and it shows! I absolutely hate to shop even though I love new things, cleaning is therapeutic for me…..go ahead ask me to come clean your house, everyone else does.  I have been in radio for 14 years and I love every second of it! You can always get ahold of me at! Cant wait for another EPIC Decatur Celebration, Now….I just need my tiara, that is where YOU come inJ

Suzi (Q) Rotz
Human Resources Assistant
Decatur Public Schools

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I work for The Decatur Public Schools as the Human Resources Assistant. I am a huge sports fan, GO BEARS! The past two years I was an assistant volleyball coach for Eisenhower High School and this past year I coached for Peak Performance Club Volleyball team out of Champaign, IL. I also helped plan and manage volunteers for the return of the Gus Macker last summer.

I am a team player, which is why I love the Decatur Celebration. Whether you attend for the food, the music, the rides or the people, there is a terrific team working behind the scenes to make the celebration happen year after year. I, Suzi Q. Rotz, am proud to be a member of the King and Queen team!

Q is for Queen and R is for Royalty!

King Contestants

Terrence Taylor
Assistant Program Director
Hot 105.5

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My name is Terrence Taylor aka TATimus Prime or better known as TAT! And yes I gave my radio/stage name an official 1st and last name lol. I am currently the Assistant Program Director & the #1 host here at Neuhoff Media’s HOT 105.5 WCZQ-FM radio station. I’ve been in broadcasting for over a decade now, started at the young age of 15.

I am the 7th out of 9 siblings, my parents and child hood was AWESOME! I am a father to an amazing, beautiful 9yr old little lady by the name of “Terrianah”. I’ve always loved the Decatur Celebration and what it stands for – and what it stands for is celebrating our great city by having a great time amongst family, friends, neighbors & community.

I’m the one to be crowned King because I believe I am the embodiment of the Decatur Celebration: positive atmosphere, good times, diversity & love.”

Jeff Ludwick
Financial Representative
Country Financial

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My name is Jeff Ludwick and I was born and raised right here in Decatur, Il. I’m a Financial Representative for COUNTRY Financial and have an office in Forsyth and enjoy serving the Decatur area. My business offers Auto, Home, Farm, Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, Commercial and almost any other type of insurance. We also help people with their retirement planning by offering IRA’s and 401k’s. I have 2 sons, a daughter and a wonderful girlfriend that keeps me on my toes.

I have always been a big fan of The Decatur Celebration because my love for great live music. The last several years I have been a chairman for the Celebration and am in charge of the stages and set up and tear down. My company is also the wristband sponsor for the event which helps raise money to bring great acts to our downtown. We also have a booth at the Celebration and love visiting with our clients and friends.

I’m running for King to help raise more for the Decatur Celebration. I’m planning some great fund raising events that will be announced very soon. Please come out and support all of the King and Queen wannabes at our events for this great cause. Make sure to mark your calendar for MY coronation during opening ceremonies Friday August 1st. Once I’m crowned I guarantee the weather will be perfect, the bands will rock it harder and all the food and drinks will be much yummier!!! :)

Jeff Rounds
Decatur Memorial Hospital

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I am a certified athletic trainer for DMH Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine as well as the Fitness Center Supervisor at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC). Never been married and have no kids. Just a devoted son, brother (to two sisters) and uncle (to 4 nephews and 2 nieces). I love the Celebration because of the its unique nature. There really is nothing else like it. It’s like a county fair on steroids with great food and entertainment.

I will be the best crowned King of the Celebration (along with Suzi, my Queen) because of my natural ability to blend with people of all races, beliefs, and perceived status. It’s in my nature to lead and bring people together using my personality, charm and wit. Plus, I’m always smiling (off the record…not as much as TAT though). I will treat the honor with the utmost respect and responsibility while representing the city of Decatur with dignity and pride.

Jonathan Downing
Decatur Public Schools

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I’ve worked for Decatur Public Schools for 7 yrs! 2 yrs as the assistant for Thomas Jefferson Middle School and for the past 5 years as the building Administrator for Parsons Elementary School.

I’m married to the most beautiful person in the world for 4.5 years Aubrey Downing. Aubrey Downing was a teacher for Decatur Public Schools but for the past two years she has been home since she had our baby. We have a blended family with 4 amazing children. Isaac Cothren 15 years old- Freshman at MHS, Joel Cothren 13 years old-7th grader at Garfield Montessori School, Noelani Downing 8 years old-3rd grader at Garfield Montessori School, and Emmaline Downing 2 years old-She attends Downing Zoo! :)

I love the Decatur Celebration because I have many fond memories of the celebration as a small child. It was very common growing up and that was one of our main things as a family we did was go to the celebration. I continue those memories by taking my family to celebration. The food, the entertainment, the arts, and most of all seeing your friends all over the place. It definitely brings a pride of knowing you are a part of DECATUR. Decatur is becoming a growing environment for raising your family and I feel that THE CELEBRATION adds to it!

I believe if you want someone to be KING, they should be a strong candidate of DECATUR. I believe I’m that person. I was born in Decatur, I was raised in Decatur schools and once I graduated I went off to college, then returned to help build and support our education system. I have a heart for our community and give of myself on a daily basis serving our communities children. I support and believe in Decatur. I made sure that when we bought our home that we support the growth and restoration of the WESTEND and all my children attend the Decatur Public Schools. I believe strongly in family values and I believe that Decatur Celebration represents family. As King I don’t want to represent myself but I want to be a representative of our community, a representative of a hard working family man, a representative of what someone looks like when they believe in their city and a I want to represent the thousands of people that give of themselves on a daily basis to our community.

Patrick Hoban
Economic Development Officer
City of Decatur

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I am proud to be the Economic Development Officer for the City of Decatur. Married to Sara Hoban the Directory of Membership and Marketing for our Decatur YMCA. We have two daughters and love everything about the Decatur Celebration. It is our yearly extended family reunion. It is hard to walk 5 feet without running into someone you know. I want your vote for Governor… I mean King so we can continue our GREAT tradition and showcase Decatur as the Midwest’s Largest Free Street Festival! Buy Decatur, For Decatur.